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The Surplus Library is a project by Antonia Hirsch.

The creation of this site was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council.

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In redefining the concept of a physical library, The Surplus Library on Affect & Economic Exchange operates on the basic assumption that its specific collection of books already exists in the material world: residing the homes and private collections of countless individuals. Some of the holdings of this distributed library can become known and accessible through The Surplus Library site. The site will develop as the library’s holdings and locations are registered by users.

There are a number of ways in which one can interact with the Library:

Suggest a Keyword

Please contact the Library to suggest search-keywords. We will add these to the current base of keywords.

Create a Selection

The Library allows its users to generate categorized selections. To create a new selection use the “Selections” interface in the upper right hand corner of the site. Once you have created a selection, add books by dragging their covers to that selection’s name. This can be done from any browse or detail page. To view a selection, simply click its name within the selection list. The Library’s home page will display the most recently created selection to all visitors of the site.

Catalogue Your Holdings or Register a Branch

The Surplus Library’s collection consists of books relevant to the topic of affect and economic exchange. Books are welcome in any language, edition, or format, as long as they are not digital. Please register duplicates, translations, and varying editions of the same title: the Library is intended to serve as a map of the proliferation of ideas.

Please contact the Library to propose your book(s) with bibliographical information (title, author). Books are vetted regarding their relevance to the topic. If the book’s relevance to the topic is not obvious, please add a few explanatory words. You will then be contacted in return to arrange for an image of your book.

You will be given the option of registering your book anonymously, or with your name attached to it. We will ask you to supply the geographic location of the book. You may elect to register a lending or a non-lending branch of the library. You also have the option to have an encrypted email link connected to your book, meaning people can contact you to enquire about your book while you remain anonymous and are under no obligation to respond.

Once your book is registered, you will receive a book plate, identifying your book as part of The Surplus Library, and indicating you as the owner of the volume.

Antonia Hirsch, June 2011

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The Surplus Library’s collection consists of books relevant to the topic of affect and economic exchange. The project functions as an idiosyncratic register of literature on this specific topic, while concurrently embodying the subject of its holdings: quasi economic, non-monetary exchanges trading on affect.

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