The Surplus Library

  1. A Prior #18: Whereof One Can Speak
  2. A user’s guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Deviations from Deleuze and Guattari
  3. Anti-Ödipus, Kapitalismus und Schizophrenie I
  4. Anti-Oedipus. Kapitalisme en Schizofrenie
  5. Art Works Money
  6. Being an Artist in Post Fordist Times
  7. Capital Volume One
  8. Commerce by Artists
  9. Das Geld, die bare Münze des Apriori
  10. De economie van goed en kwaad
  11. Debt: The First 5,000 Years
  12. Denken over geld en waarde—23 sleutelteksten
  13. Die Aufhebung der Ökonomie
  14. Die politische Ökonomie der Liebe
  15. Fillip 14
  16. Fillip 15
  17. FUSE Magazine 35-2
  18. Het Kapitaal
  19. Imaginaire Economie. Hegendaagse konstenaars en de wereld van het grote geld
  20. Imaginary Economics. Contemporary Artists and the World of Big Money
  21. Kapital III
  22. L’Économie science des intérérets passionnés
  23. Lettre International No.26
  24. Libidinal Economy
  25. Libidinöse Ökonomie
  26. Marxismus, Psychoanalyse, Sexpol, Band 1
  27. New Lines of Alliance, New Space of Liberty
  28. Notes towards a Critique of Money
  29. Puissances de l’invention
  30. Sacred economics: money, gift, and society in the age of transition
  31. Schuld
  32. The Accursed Share Vol. I
  33. The Accursed Share Vol. I
  34. The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader
  35. The Economy of Cities
  36. The Enigma of the Gift
  37. The Gift
  38. The Kingdom and the Glory
  39. The Mental and the Material
  40. The Panhandler’s Handbook
  41. The Philosophy of Money
  42. The Wealth of Nations
  43. Ugly Feelings
  44. Ugly Feelings
  45. Undoing Property?
  46. What Money Can’t Buy

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The Surplus Library’s collection consists of books relevant to the topic of affect and economic exchange. The project functions as an idiosyncratic register of literature on this specific topic, while concurrently embodying the subject of its holdings: quasi economic, non-monetary exchanges trading on affect.

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